Our Story

A little bit of history

We first opened our doors in September 2003 with a small, dedicated team working out of our Sydney office. Our Melbourne office followed in 2007, increasing our Australian market coverage.

In 2004, we expanded our operations to the Middle East by opening an office in Dubai. We further strengthened our presence in the region with the addition of our Doha office in early 2014.

We also have a strong footprint in Asia. Our Singapore office opened in 2006, followed in 2007 by an office in Hong Kong.​​


Where we are today

Today, Charterhouse is setting out on a bold new journey to expand the talent pool.

As a team, we have spent time reviewing our core values and believe they truly reflect who we are now, and who we aim to be in the future.

We have a continued focus on people and a desire to provide all clients and candidates with an exceptional experience from the minute they walk through our door. And we also aim to provide an environment where our recruiters and staff are encouraged to be themselves and give their best.

Our experts will continue to gather industry information and insights, share them and act on them. And we will not be afraid to question the big picture. We are prepared to do things differently for the greater good and to pave the way to a new future.

Our Story Qa Blue

At Charterhouse, the future excites us!

We are confident in our ability to anticipate the market and stay one step ahead.

And we know we can get it right. Because although external conditions may change, people still have unique personalities, abilities and needs. And we will continue to encourage them to come knocking at our door.

We’ll help them map out their future and exceed their expectations. In every way.

Valuing People, Creating Opportunity

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