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Charterhouse Labour Solutions Overview

Charterhouse Middle East was formed in 2004 following the successful launch of Charterhouse Australia in 2003. In 2016 Charterhouse Middle East successfully launched its sister company Charterhouse Labour Solutions, providing our existing and future clients with turnkey solutions for areas of contract hiring and payroll solutions. Delivering effective on-boarding, contract management, pay-rolling and visa services to UAE based businesses who are looking for project or outsourced head count. Charterhouse Labour Solutions is one of only a handful of organisations that are able to offer this service with a license issued directly though the Economic Development Department, no third party involved.

Charterhouse Labour Solutions is based within the Charterhouse Middle East Dubai office, offering outsourcing and payroll services within the UAE. The CLS team work closely and concurrently with the Charterhouse team, allowing a fluid experience from recruitment to outsourcing. Charterhouse Labour Solutions services can be utilized independently or in combination with Charterhouse recruitment services.

Charterhouse Middle East is not the largest brand in the recruitment industry, however, what sets Charterhouse apart from other recruiters is not just our global and regional coverage, nor the fact that we have a proven track record in the Middle East for over a decade with the original core management team still in place, or that we provide services across 12 different disciplines; the simple difference that sets us from the crowd is our service levels. We have built our brand by investing in people, whether it is our own consultants, support teams, candidates or clients.  This core value is central to our success and the basis on which Charterhouse Labour Solutions was developed, underpinning everything we do and in return has translated into a successful and established Charterhouse brand that our clients and candidates can trust.

Across both Charterhouse and Charterhouse Labour Solutions our team is based on a core set of strengths and attributes:

  • Ethics and Honesty
  • Longevity of service and relationship management
  • Demonstrable track record of delivery
  • Understanding and consultative approach
  • Professional integrity
  • Responsiveness and solution led mind-set
  • Culturally aligned and supportive in the aspirations of the region

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing simply explained is when staff are hired on Charterhouse Labour Solutions visa / labour card and exclusively outsourced to the client. Charterhouse Labour Solutions handles the full HR function, visa / labour card, processing as well as the payroll of the employee, however they work directly for the client and report to the client.

Outsourcing can be a great solution for numerous reasons.

  • Is your brand not yet represented in the region, are you looking to have representation without setting up a physical presence or whilst you set up your physical presence?
  • Do you need someone to look after your clients and distributors and developing your presence further?
  • Are you looking to take on project staff for a limited period time?
  • Is your headcount limiting your hiring abilities?

What services do Charterhouse Labour Solutions Offer?

  • Outsourcing, HR and payroll services
  • Payroll services

Charterhouse Labour Solutions can facilitate the following Outsource services;

  • Full  Ministry of Labour Employment Visa Process:
    • Collection of client documents
    • Collection of candidate documents (we can assist with attestation if required)
    • Submission of all paperwork
    • Organising visa medical
    • Emirates ID application
  • Ministry of Labour Labour Card
  • Ongoing HR Support:
    • Monthly payroll
    • Medical Insurance (CLS visas come with basic medical insurance as is required, we can offer other options for an additional charge)
    • All authorisation letters such as bank letters, visa letters, NOC’s etc.
    • Facilitate monthly expense claims
    • General support and advice on any concerns they have
    • Annual leave and sickness applications (if applicable)

Please let us know if there are any other services you need assistance with, we are happy to tailor a package to suit our client’s needs.

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