A note to my clients and candidates.

As a business the entire Charterhouse Middle East (CHME) team appreciates the situation is ever-changing and if it’s one thing I can say for certain, it’s that we are still here, we’re keeping positive and working together as a team to continue to support and remain consultative to our clients and candidates during these challenging times.

To our clients, its understandable recruitment is not your top priority at present, to our candidates we understand it’s a difficult time to find employment, however please be assured the entire CHME Team are here to support everyone in any way we can. This support is nothing different to our approach over the past 16 years as we have always worked in partnership with our clients and candidates, whether this has been in a booming or challenging market.

Personally I’m like many others, I’m a working parent managing day-to-day life in what is currently the “new norm”, going through the ups and downs of social distancing, working from home and having a child go to school in the dining room, which is also my new office is all very new, but we are getting into the groove. I’ll be honest though, I was the first to put up my hand agreeing that the thought of e-learning sent my anxiety levels through the roof, and I’m sure many other parents know where I’m coming from when I say you feel like you should be in a circus sometimes, and you’re the main act as the Juggler!.

So to say things are challenging at times, yes they are, but I feel it’s important to look at the glass half full not half empty. There are many things to be thankful for even though at times it’s difficult to see the positives and we are all outside our comfort zone at present. This time will pass and we will look back a year from now and know by keeping a positive attitude and outlook it has helped us get through this extremely difficult time, whilst reflecting on the negatives and positives and what we have all learnt.

For my clients or candidates who would like to speak to me, whether it be to discuss the current market status, a new role you need assistance with down the line, or you would like to have a general discussion, I’m based in Qatar and available to personally respond to any queries or questions you may have during these uncertain times. I am not going to say I have the answers, nor will I pretend to know when the market will pick up again, however what I will say is that we are here and ready to support where we can.

I would like to say congratulations to all my candidates who started their new roles over the past couple months, I know this has been challenging so well done. Thank you to all of my clients and candidates for your continued support and for reaching out, greatly appreciated and I’ve enjoyed the conversations.

And finally thank you to all the healthcare workers globally who are doing an amazing job. At Charterhouse Middle East we commend you, you are really worth your weight in gold!

Keep safe everyone and looking forward to speaking soon.

Best regards

Kasey Smith
Charterhouse Middle East – Qatar